Heavy Duty Dog Harness With Bungee Leash Set

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You can rest assured that this Heavy Duty Dog Harness will keep your furry friend safe and comfortable during any activity.

Our Heavy Duty Dog Harness, easy walk harness consist of a universal fit that’s perfect for all big size dogs. This no pull dog harness is very durable, suitable for inclement weather and all four seasons.

This Heavy Duty Dog Harness is a great aid in training, as well as a comfortable harness for simply walking or running the dog.  Can be great for hiking, hunting, camping, and exploring, as well!  Keep any dog safe and secure.  The harness has a leash attachment in the front that encourages no pulling and makes training simpler.  There is also a handle on top for easy control.


Made of durable, breathable nylon and mesh to keep dogs comfy no matter the activity.  Also has pockets and pouches to carry dog treats, IDs, water bottles, and more!  Keep fur babies safe and comfortable while making owners’ lives easier!


  • 1050D Nylon Water Resistant Fabric
  • Soft padded ventilate mesh
  • 100% Nylon Thread and Webbing
  • Sturdy alloy Hardware
  • Robust and comfortable design
  • Stitching by Bar tack & X Shape in Box shape

This dog harness makes the perfect gift for anyone with dogs, whether they are being trained or just taking walks!

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