Chihuahua Yorkie Cute Bow Dog Harness with 47 inches Leash Set

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One of the best parts of having a dog — aside from puppy eyes and endless enthusiasm — is taking them for walks. If you’ve ever tried to guide a zigzagging puppy’s leash or walk a dog that’s much stronger than you, you know that a simple leash and collar are sometimes not enough. For these situations, and many more, a harness can help.

Our Adorable Dog Harness Bow Tie with Leash Set features a breathable oxford cloth material on the underside for maximum air circulation. Designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and safety. Plus featuring a trendy Bow Tie that has been beautifully finished with quality detailed design. It's the perfect combination of comfort, safety and style for any adventure!

Please refer to the size chart below and ensure the correct measurement of your pet before ordering.


  • Made of cotton & polyester
  • Suitable for small or medium, such as Chihuahua, Yorkie, or Poodle
  • Large decorative bow with rhinestone-studded center
  • The perfect gift for your beloved pet as you can run free and without injury!

PLEASE NOTE: The measurements shown above might be off by minimal amounts. Colors might also be slightly different than those shown herein.

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