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Perfect for Kids!

 Normal Kids T-shirt 

 Stain Proof T-shirt 

A Kid's Clothes Truth

No matter how cute they are, they can still get stained.

Virtually every parent will agree that there's no shortage of kid's clothes options on the market, but one thing's for sure: they're magnets for stains. Every kid's shirt, whether it costs $5 or $85, is subject to stains that can render it unusable or hassle to try to remove. Meaning kid's clothes more often than not find their way into the trash.

The reason why

When we surveyed and interviewed parents about their kid's clothing, 86% said stains were a common problem with their kid's clothes, and that stains take up time, whether from cleaning up after the stain, changing their kid's clothes after they've spilled on themselves, or doing extra laundry due to 2 or 3 changes of clothes a day.



Clean Shield Tech

Designed by parents to keep kids clean, this t-shirt introduces Clean Shield Technology, which creates a barrier around the t-shirt, shielding it from stains!

Kid Features

"This shirt is every mom's dream."

Our idea for the Clean Shield T-Shirt came from this hypothesis: if we can eliminate the stains, we can save the time used to clean up after them, and put it back into, well, enjoying your day.

"I'm so excited! These are perfect for my kids! I can't believe I haven't found them sooner!"

I'm sure many parents with messy kids know the frustration of fighting stains. I couldn't believe my eyes when my son basically dripped a whole popsicle on this shirt and it just rolled right off. A little water to rinse off the stickiness and it stayed dry all throughout. So cool. -Antonia J.

"This shirt is every mom's dream. It's super stretchy so it never falls out of shape!"

My laundry pile just got smaller! Less laundry time = happy parents. I bought it for both my son and daughter and it stays clean even after a full day of car rides, lunches, art class and more. Thoroughly impressed. -Gina M.

"The t-shirts are made from 100% Natural Soft Cotton. They are really breathable!"

Kids can easily get overheated, so we made our t-shirts in 100% cotton which has natural properties for climate control and temperature regulation. Cotton is a naturally breathable fabric and has moisture-wicking properties, which means it moves moisture away from the skin and quickly evaporates.