No Pull Dog Harness Coats

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Our easy walk harness, dog coats consist of a universal fit that’s perfect for all small size dogs, including puppies. This no pull dog harness is very durable, suitable for inclement weather and all four seasons.

A dog vest harness eliminates the “yank” on your dog’s neck if your prince or princess decides to be stubborn. Our dog jacket harness includes the metal rings that connect to the vest, not your dog’s neck, making it easy to attach or detach the leash. Whereas a traditional neck collar encourages your dog to tug you along, possibly creating that uncomfortable leash “yank”, our jacket harness helps make your strolls and walks much more enjoyable and less stressful.

  • QUALITY MATERIAL – Our jacket harness is made from a breathable, air-mesh fabric, with a soft and warm fleece lining.
  • CUTE DESIGN – Comes in variety colors
  • USER FRIENDLY – Our dog vest harness is adjustable to fit any size dog. 
  • NO PULL AND NO CHOKE – The vest harness dog jacket has a comfortable soft and warm fleece lining, yet it is sturdy enough to secure your dog as you walk or run together.
  • OUTDOOR SAFETY – The leash connects to the metal ring at the back of the vest, making daily activities so much easier than using the traditional leash and collar.

PLEASE NOTE: The measurements show in the picture below might be off by minimal amounts. Colors might also be slightly different than those shown herein.

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