Retractable Ring Shape Dog Leash

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Walk your dog with this Innovative retractable ring shape dog leash

Step into the future of dog walking, featuring an easy grip ring design so you can walk your dog comfortably hands free. 

The retractable rope is safe, durable and remains tangle free. Walk your dog with confidence at any time of the day and make use of the integrated LED light for visibility, be seen and be safe.

 Product description:

🐶 Innovative ring handle, double-layer elastic rubber + polypropylene mixed-woven elastic belt, strong load-bearing, no discomfort distributed tension, balance of hands and wrists, comfortable and labor-saving, no discomfort

🐶  The ring handle can be worn on the wrist, giving your hands more freedom and giving you time to do other things

🐶  LED lighting, 10 ft. lighting distance, so that there is no blind spot in the night sight, so you can walk the dog safely

🐶  Double-sided breathing lights allow you to safely avoid vehicles and pedestrians at night, maximizing dog safety

🐶  Telescopic button in the palm position, in case of sudden acceleration the dog and other special circumstances, only the conditional reflex of holding the traction rope can achieve braking, do not worry about safety hazards

🐶  10 ft. moderate total rope length, allowing pets to freely control while allowing their owners to control freely in an emergency.

PLEASE NOTE:  The measurements shown above might be off by minimal amounts.  Colors might also be slightly different than those shown herein.

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  • Made of ABS material, lightweight and easy to hold. Nylon leash and solid hook, more durable.
  • Retractable style design, the dog leash can auto stretch out and draw back, you can walk your dog easily.
  • Walk your dog freely in open area with one hand braking, release and recoiling system.
  • 2.6meter-long drawstring large space for dog’s activity, and will not be lost.
  • Ergonomic TPE anti-slip handle makes the grip more soft and comfortable for you to use, give the dog a pleasant trip and give yourself a convenient leisure time.
  • LED night light design.