Multiple Dog Leashes - Double Reflective Twin Lead Walking Leash

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Even if you already have a large playing area for your dogs at home, treating them for a walk is still necessary. By having regular walks with your dogs, you can keep them healthy for both mental and their bodies. It is why leash walking is always ideal in helping your puppies explore new things, exercise, and of course, enjoy the time together. With this Double Reflective Twin Lead Walking Leash, creating fun memories with your dogs is handy. Leash walking is more than just a walk but a great way to bond too with your dogs from time to time.

Made of thickened nylon fabric, this Dog Leash is durable and wear-resistant you can use while taking a walk with your beloved dogs. You can comfortably walk with your pets as its foam handle lessen possible injuries when dogs rampage. We offer round buckle options of 2/3/4/5, available for multi-leash so you and your dogs can enjoy your walk and have fun all together. It also has a 360-degree rotating ring, so tangling with one another will never be a problem. Having easy to install, detach, and store features, this Dog Leash is indeed a must-have for your puppies.


- Can handle multiple dogs

- Wear-resistant

- Easy to install and detach

- Has a 360-degree rotating ring


Nylon Fabric

Product Includes:

1x twin head lead dog leash

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