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From a day at the beach to a trip to the farmer's market, you're ready for everything sunny has to offer with this handy tote bag on your shoulder. 

Limited Edition Original Beach Bag, the bag you know and love, has reached next level status with the addition of our new Limited Edition designs. The first of many prints is the Palm Print, beautiful hues of green banana leaves float delicately on a pale backdrop for an easy breezy tropical style.

Limited Edition Original Beach Bag

What makes the Bag unique is its patented design, durability, and it's washable! Unlike other totes, the Bag won't tip over. The bottom won't leak. And at the end of the day, simply hose off your Bag put it away for your next adventure!
  • Designed not to bring home sand.
  • Easy washable.
  • Measures 15" x 13" x 5.25"
  • Body: EVA