Titanium Hair Straightening Brush + Exclusive Gift

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The Hair Pro Titanium Straightening Brush was developed to straighten the hair, as well as curl the ends!

Hair Pro Titanium, the only one on the market that does not burn in contact with the skin! Get shiny hair safely in minutes!
It is an innovative beauty tool that delivers salon-quality results at an easily accessible price.

Designed to drastically reduce static and protect against burns, keeping the heat right where you need it, leaving you with salon-quality results fast!


From 130 to 200 degrees, and with automatic shut-off, suitable for all hair types: fine, lightened or wavy.

With the liquid crystal display, control and monitor temperatures with ease.
In addition, the PTC Technology heating between the brush teeth is designed to keep your scalp from burning.



✅ The only one on the market that does not burn on contact with the skin.

✅ Smart Brush warms up in 30 seconds, cut straightening time by half.

✅ 6 temperature settings. No matter what hair type you have, you can always find the right configuration for you!

✅ Professional results outside the salon, stand out with naturally straight or curly hair


Hair Pro Titanium smoothes and shines hair while deeply moisturizing. Wavy and frizzy hair with a more elegant, sophisticated and attractive look! Smoothing even faster on chemically-treated hair, without changing the color or damaging it. The straightening brush takes care of your hair and offers 70% longer lasting results.

Hair Pro has Tourmaline Ceramic technology
High-quality tourmaline ceramic plates provide smooth sliding and more even heating than traditional iron flat irons.

Those who take care of the yarn at home are looking for quality, practicality and efficiency. After all, the idea is to save time and avoid going to the salon, isn't it? With power worthy of a professional straightener, the hair pro brush is ready to use in just a few seconds.
Join hundreds of others discovering the effectiveness of Hair Pro Titanium and its professional straightening. Discover how to have perfect hair with a professional result. Do you know what's even better?

It is suitable for all types of hair, from the finest to the most voluminous. Curls, curls, frizz, split ends and lifeless? None of this is a problem with this innovative Straightening Brush

What are you waiting for to have your hair always beautiful?

Don't miss this unique opportunity to purchase the product that is facilitating and transforming the lives of thousands of women. Making your hair beautiful in a practical and quick way has never been easier!