Smart Multifunctional Toothbrush Holder

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Smart Space Saving Multifunctional Toothbrush Holder, Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser and Storage For Bathroom Accessories

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The simplest improvements can make your bathroom counter-top be super organized, seamless & efficient, hygienic, and elegant looking. This brilliant design is bringing you all the necessary tools you will need to make your daily bathroom routine a million times better for you and your family.

  • EXTRA CAPACITY - The Toothbrush Holder is able to accommodate from 2 to 4 heat-resistant mouth washing cups (350 ml), and up to 8 toothbrushes which are perfect for small and large families. Or if you can get one for each bathroom with a dual cup holder.
  • DUST PREVENTION DESIGN - They thought of everything. The opening dust cover for the toothbrush is designed to prevent dust or dirt, and keeps the toothbrushes dry through the venting hole at the same time. What an amazing design!
  • TOOTHPASTE DISPENSER ON AUTO - This features a built-in automatic toothpaste dispenser. It automatically assigns the perfect amount of toothpaste for you every time and prevents any waste of toothpaste. 
  • INVERTED MAGNETIC CUP HOLDER - Upside-down cups are reinforced with a strong magnetic feature that securely attaches the cup to the holder. It allows the cup to quickly drain off the water, preventing any bacterial reproduction and keeps the cups dry, clean and hygienic. 
  • EXTRA SHELF & DRAWER COMPARTMENTS- The Toothbrush Holder comes with a  counter-top shelf for you to neatly organize your grooming tools and bathroom essentials. Additionally, you get 2 drawer compartments provided to store cosmetics and other smaller accessories for easy access. 
  • NO WALL DAMAGE DURING INSTALLATION- You can attach this with the provided strong wall mount stickers that don't leave any traces on the wall. It can hold up to 12lbs of weight and still won't fall off.
1. Large capacity
2. Convenient to install, does not easily fall off and no need to screw or drill the wall
3. Magnetic inverted drain design to prevent bacterial growth
4. Environmentally friendly materials not only does it look good but also keeps things very clean.
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