Slice Master Pro

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  Finely chop & slice any vegetable instantly - This 12-in-1 slicer is specially designed to cut any vegetables, fruits, & cheese with ease.

  Cut cooking time in half! - The Slice Master does all the hard work for you with one simple motion.

  Cook with no mess! - Toss out your old cutting boards that always make a mess. The Slice Master™ collects all your sliced veggies in it's built in storage container.



When family & friends are coming over for dinner, cooking can become a stressful task. Chopping onions & preparing quality meals doesn't have to be hard. The Slice Master Pro  becomes your favorite kitchen tool by making meal preparations fast & easy. It tackles ALL your slicing, dicing, grating and almost any other annoying & repetitive cooking task so you don't have to!


Imagine never shedding a tear or breaking a sweat when cutting onions or any other vegetables for your favorite meal. Vegetables are the key to looking & feeling your best everyday, but we all know adding them to your diet can be tedious. The Slice Master prepares vegetables in seconds and stores it conveniently in it's built in tupperwear container. Chop onions for a stir fry, slice tomatoes for your salad or cut potatoes for the perfect fresh baked fries, no vegetable stands a chance against The Slice Master™!

Cooking can get messy & cleanups are the worst. Don't waste time cleaning countless cooking tools & dirty counter tops when you should be enjoying the meal you just prepared. Equipped with 7-interchangeable blades you can easily whip up healthy meals in a flash! Throw away all your old fashion cooking tools that constantly need replacing, the Slice Master has your back!

Slicing & dicing with sharp kitchen knifes can get dangerous, especially around children. No matter how careful you are, accidents always happen from time to time. To avoid these unexpected injuries the  Slice Master is built with a shielded inner blade & an ergonomic handle for more control. This makes the kitchen tool completely children safe. It's time the kids help you out in the kitchen!

This BPA free slicer is built to last. Equipped with rust resistant stainless steal blades it can easily cut the hardest vegetables, fruits, & cheeses. The non-slip rubber strips on the base help with stability during use & the entire unit is dishwasher safe.  


  • 1X Julienne Blade
  • 1X 1.5mm Slicer 
  • 1X 3mm Julienne Blade
  • 1X 7x7mm Fine Chopping Blade
  • 1X 14x14mm Medium Chopping Blade
  • 1X Ginger Grater
  • 1X Fancy Potato (Waffle) Blade
  • 1X Drain Basket
  • 1X Hand Guard